Managed AWS

Managed AWS

Managed AMS helps you adopt AWS at scale and operate more efficiently and securely.

We leverage standard AWS services and offer guidance and execution of operational best practices with specialized automations, skills, and experience that are contextual to your environment and applications. Forrict provides proactive, preventative, and detective capabilities that raise the operational bar and help reduce risk without constraining agility, allowing you to focus on innovation. Forrict extends your team with operational capabilities including monitoring, incident management, Incident Detection and Response, security, patch, backup, and cost optimization.

depending on the requirements we delever the following services as part of Managed AWS.

  • FinOps with Cloudchecker
  • Vunrability management
  • Config management
  • Cloud Trail
  • Guard duty
  • best practices and standards
  • Monitoring
  • patching
  • backup
  • billing

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